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Welcome to B & L Entertainment

About Us

Who We Are

We are a husband and wife team and have been wedding DJs for over 10 years. We can provide music for your ceremony and reception. Even if they are in separate locations. Our music library has a large array of music from classical to today's hits.

Why Us?

B & L Entertainment will be with you every step of the way to ensure your music is perfect.

If you want a very upbeat and positive show. With no breakup or sad Songs, and a constantly changing array of music to entertain all ages no matter what their musical taste.

B & L Entertainment is your wedding DJ service!

We will do whatever it takes to give you the music you want the way you want it.

B & L Entertainment is not like the big companies that do 100s of weddings a year and have 20 DJs working for them. When you communicate with us it is the DJ who will be at your wedding

You do not have to worry about your DJ backing out on you, we have never missed an event and never will!